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Saying No is Hard

Making good changes always involves saying “no”.  For me that is never easy. For me: Saying no to evening snacks is almost impossible. Saying no to worthy projects and ministry opportunities is hard. Saying no to people I care about tears me up. Learning to say no is indispensable to leading with excellence.  For me this has always been hard because I am a recovering “people pleaser.”  I have made some progress in recent years but I have a long, long way to go. I’ve noticed that many churches have the same issue.   They too can be “people pleasers.”  One reason for this is that too many of the church’s leaders are people pleasers in their personal lives and that impacts how they lead the church.  How unfortunate that these most dedicated, well-meaning members who have no desire to hurt anyone’s feelings, end up causing problems they never saw coming.  In their inability to say no, they end up doing much of the work themselves and then become over-worked and … [Read More...]

O Come Let Us Adore Him

Every Christmas season we hear preachers warn us – watch out, don’t get too busy at Christmas and miss “the real reason for the season”. However, let’s be honest.  Too many of us who work in churches often warn about this danger but we are guilty of the same failing.  The necessity of producing memorable Christmas services and finding time to mine Scripture for new nuggets of truth buried in the familiar Christmas story, along with all the shopping and Christmas parties; all these often add … [Read More...]

Advent Preaching After Trump’s Election

Preachers worth their salt will give careful attention to the unique preaching opportunities this Advent season presents. The election of Donald Trump did more than prove that Americans will elect a controversial candidate. Tragically the election revealed a divide in our country, a divide much wider and deeper than anyone realized.  Wednesday morning after the election, our country woke up to the undeniable fact that a very large segment of the American electorate is frustrated, angry and … [Read More...]