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Beyond Typical Conferences and Non-Productive Programs

Some of us have attended enough church conferences that we don’t get excited about another one…no matter what the title is or what it promises to accomplish. Those are some of the exact things I kept in mind in planning the Reimagine Church Conference. The by-line for the conference is: “ Spiritual encouragement and next steps to reimagine God’s dream for YOUR church” The “Spiritual Encouragement” aspect of the conference is paramount!  That’s why each speaker on the main stage will NOT be talking about the accomplishments of their churches.  Rather, they will be sharing about God’s grace in their lives, as He worked in them to become the leaders God was shaping for those specific challenges in their churches. In addition to these testimonies, well-known preacher Dr. Thomas Long will be giving four Bible studies.  For many years, Tom has been recognized as one of America’s premier preachers and I wanted to make sure that the conference feed us from God’s word.  Coupled with … [Read More...]

Eight Strategic Decisions

As you begin your church’s fall ministry and evangelism efforts, the article below will give you food for thought.  I can almost guarantee you there will be something in this article that will cause you to stop and think, and possibly change some aspects of your programs and evangelism ministries. I have followed the ministry of James Emory White for many years, going back before he started “Meck.”  He is articulate, insightful, and a very effective pastor and former seminary president.  … [Read More...]

Words of Wisdom – Often Learned the Hard Way

Recently I had the delight of attending Mat Brown’s celebration of twenty years in ministry.  Many of you will remember Mat as the former Director of Small Groups at Atlee Community who later became Branch’s senior pastor for approximately ten years.  He and Rebekah have been serving Blackstone Baptist Church for a little more than a year -- and loving it!  Rebekah has fond childhood ties to the area and Mat is thoroughly enjoying his ministry in the church and community as well. For this … [Read More...]