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Beyond Your Average Easter Experience

Unfortunately, too many Easter services are low in spiritual impact and very predictable.  Too often they are nothing more than repeat versions of what is done every Sunday, except that the music and message focus on the resurrection.  That focus is on target.  However, the worship on this special day deserves more.  Because Easter is one of the two highest attended worship services in the whole year, more thought and effort should go into ensuring it will have a high spiritual impact.  So, let me suggest three potential, “not-novel” ideas that you have time to implement before Resurrection Sunday.  The first is to encourage more people to attend and the other two ideas are designed to increase the spiritual impact of the service. Outreach: Advertise “Free Family Easter Portraits” Ask a couple of people who are good at taking pictures, to take family portraits on Easter morning before worship begins. Also make it possible for people to pick up their pictures after the service. … [Read More...]

Ten Ways Pastors Can Be Bad Bosses

God has gifted some people to be leaders  --  “If God has given you leadership ability, take the responsibility seriously.” Romans 12:8.  It is also true that all church leaders should “take seriously” their responsibility to lead well, even if those who do not feel that they have the special gift of leadership.   Part of that responsibility is learning and growing to become better leaders.   Church consultant, Thom Rainer, wrote a recent blog about the top ten complaints he has heard over the … [Read More...]

Saying No is Hard

Making good changes always involves saying “no”.  For me that is never easy. For me: Saying no to evening snacks is almost impossible. Saying no to worthy projects and ministry opportunities is hard. Saying no to people I care about tears me up. Learning to say no is indispensable to leading with excellence.  For me this has always been hard because I am a recovering “people pleaser.”  I have made some progress in recent years but I have a long, long way to go. I’ve … [Read More...]